Le club plonger

A friend of mine is in the printing business. He prints textiles, shirts, caps, basically he prints everything you want to be printed. He has his very own discount corner online which is called www.deadsheap.com. There designers and graphic artists can sell their very own designs. Simply upload the designs and ask if Paul can print them on some nice durable produced shirt.
After a holiday in Corsica I noticed that diving clubs over there are called: le club plonger. I really like the French language. I get happy hearing that kind of stuff. And immediately some images come up with striped bathing suits, moustaches and old skool masks. I can imagine every hipster wearing a ‘le club plonger’ shirt rather than a silly cartoonesque shark and a PADI-logo instead.
Go visit Pauls shop: www.deadsheap.com.

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