New ideas and possible options

To me every good idea starts with me wondering why things haven’t been done already. For marketing events office Duchesne & Boertje I wondered why festivals and music events haven’t been able to find local sponsors who could easily advertise with billboards, banners and video walls. We have been accustomed to any commercial activity in soccer/football stadiums. Any shirt sponsor we find is interesting. But, when it comes to music festivals or culture we still argue if we could rename a tent to the Heineken Experience Tent or let some 20,000 visitors know who had been able to sponsor the event.
Because I’ve been working with a lot of A-brands, I know commercial decision makers haven’t been asked to step in the world of sponsoring on a large scale. And because I’ve been working for some big festival events in the Netherlands as well I know only a few people dare to invite the big brands.
I say: ‘Let’s talk and do some business here’.

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