Amsterdam Burlesque Award 2017

Amsterdam Burlesque Award shows up right between the Amsterdam Dance Event and the Amsterdam Fashion Week

From November 16 to November 18 Amsterdam will host the International Amsterdam Burlesque Award Show for the fourth time. The ABA is a 3 day event in the Tobacco Theatre (Nes 75-87) where the subtle art of temptation and seduction will be sizzling the crowd on a high but classy level.

From Mata Hari and Dita von Teese towards top models
Think pre war varieté, think Chicago cabaret, the charleston, the ‘roaring twenties’, the Berlin 30’s, the Moulin Rouge in Paris, Betty Page, Dita von Teese, ‘classy’ striptease and the upper society’s night life of previous century’s big cities around the globe. Think even about the mythical Mata Hari who tragically died 100 years ago. All performances in seduction, tease and temptation with a big sense of humor have been craftly selected in one Award Show for boylesque, neo-burlesque and classic burlesque performers. They’ll entertain you with their blend of singing, dancing, fashion, humor they’d love to share. After New York, Berlin, London and Paris Amsterdam will be the international stage for innocent but hilarious tongue in cheek stand-up every grown up hipster will love. Can you sense the excitement already?

Burlesque history
Organizing model and Burlesque artist Xarah von den Vielenregen (born in Berlin) just imagined that Amsterdam could be the perfect playground for an international Award Show. ,,The Netherlands and Amsterdam have a long history when it comes to striptease, old-fashioned cabaret and varieté. Just as Berlin, London or Paris. Burleske in the classic sense is a foolish poem or comedy from Italy that caricatures  through great differences between subject and style. Burlesque in America refers to varied shows in night clubs where comedians told sexually tuned jokes which did not happen in the more respectable vaudeville shows. Comical acts were interchanged with striptease. Burlesque knew it’s peak in the 1860’s to the 1940’s, although many artists do keep this form of entertainment very allive.”

Contestants and performers
From Thursday November 16 to Saturday November 18 the following performers will hit the stage somewhere between 20.00 and 02.00 hrs. Aphrodite Devine and Fanny di Favola from Germany, Armi von Vep, Betty Fvck and Dixie Feathers from Finland, Bella A gogo and Fifi LaRoux from Ireland, Bobby Barnaby, DeeDee Queen, Ms B LaRose and Vivacious Miss Audacious from the USA, Dickie Dalliance, Lou Safire and Rock Hart from the UK, Flora Gattina from the Netherlands, Gasiu and Red Juliette from Poland, Heidi Bitz from Portugal, Jeff van Phil and Silly Thanh from Switzerland, Lady Francescca from Sweden, Luna Moka, Mamzelle Viviane, Philou + Mamzelle Viviane, Valentina del Pearls and Vince van Vegas from France, Mad Cat and Valentino DeLabaise from Italy and finally Mlle Parfait de la neige from Spain.

You are cordially invited to witness the King of Boylesque Award Show on Thursday, November 16th, the Queen or Neo Burlesque Award Show on Friday November 17th and / or the Queen of Classic Burlesque on Saturday November 18th at the Tobacco Theater, Nes 75-87 in Amsterdam.

More info
For more information, tickets, workshops and more, visit:,, en For press and photo material, interview requests, guests – and press accreditations, please contact René van de Aandachtsfabriek,, or call: 06-45606644.

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